E's Theeory Psycho-Spiritual/Social Wholistic, Emotional Wellness, Coaching & Consultations

"A Spiritual, Wholistic Approach To Emotional Wellness"

E's Theeory Psycho-Spiritual/Social Wholistic, Emotional Wellness, Coaching & Consultations

"A Spiritual, Wholistic Approach To Emotional Wellness"

Elois Lee, MHS, AS, CWC

Psycho-Spiritual, Social, Wholistic, Counseling/Coaching & Consults

Elois Lee, MHS,  AS, CWC

Psycho-Spiritual/Social Coach, Certified Wholistic Coach





Wholistic Emotional Wellness Coaching/Consulting

Who Is Elois?

Elois is a genuine, sincere personality. Elois is a lover of humanity, a sympathetic, empathetic change agent. Elois is also a wife, mother, and grandmother. Moreover, she adds to her list of accomplishments, as an artist, crafter, poet, vocalist, lyricist writer and an entrepreneur of 2 current businesses. The other as a retailer, manufacturer of her personal line of natural, essential oil-based bath and body products Elois has recently added the title of Ordained Non-Denominational , Wedding Officiant to her list of notable accomplishments. Elois was born with a strong sense of empathic-intuition, where she learned, to develop and hone these skills over-time by studying and research and following in her mother's footsteps. Elois loves spending time in nature, alone, and at the body of any type of water,  which she believes she draws her magnetic, energetic strength from. From a small child,  Elois realized she had capabilities and abilities that many others around her thought to be strange. Elois was always able to to read into the lives of others, but did not understand what it was she was seeing, feeling and experiencing. Elois was always curious about what makes people tick, this is why she chose to study the fields of - Psychology/Sociology/Human Services, Addictions, Aromatherapy, Metaphysical Crystals/Gemstones and other Mind/Body Work. Elois has put her strong,  visonary, and human service skills to work to help serve and heal emotions of humanity from a wholistic perspective.








Emotional Wellness Optimization

Emotional Spiritual Wholistic Wellness

Over the past 20 years, Elois has gained experience, knowledge, skills, and education as a psycho-social/spiritual counselor/coach & consultant. Elois is able to give direction and advice from telepathic/empathic energy, other range of non-traditional methodologies, and thru conventional methodologies. She holds a Master's Degree in human services/sociology and is a professional Certified, Wholistic,  Coach who utilizes her intuition and educational learning to offer guidance to all of her clients. She encourages clients to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that are causing stagnant energy and disallowing one to be happy, self-motivated, productive, and move forward with continuous growth in their life's journey. When you schedule a session with Elois, you will receive a detailed and accurate plan to act upon that covers a specific problem or all aspects of your life, depending on plan, from a wholistic perspective and where you mutually feel you will need the most guidance and assistance.